Using technology to remove barriers

Using technology to remove barriers

At 222, our aim is to serve as many Farsi-speaking people as we can, through as many services as we can.

One of the biggest areas of our activity is via the internet. For years, countries like Iran have prohibited and blocked almost all means of communication for Christians outside of the country. This act has a simple mindset behind it: Islamic governments don't want to let the truth of the Gospel enter their countries. With all of the limitations they impose, our teams in different departments are constantly thinking about new and effective ways to keep in touch with Farsi-speaking people who are thirsty for the truth. 

Our internet team has been actively engaged with users all across the world for years and our engineers and volunteers have been working around the clock to provide users with up-to-date and useful tools, services, apps, websites and more. 

222 currently has 14 active websites and web applications that served around 178,000 users and received over 601,000 page views in 2015 alone. Unfortunately we cannot track all of the stats with complete accuracy because many of our users need to use a VPN to overcome governmental blocks, which can affect our ability to monitor accurately, but we do know that the numbers are higher than what we have.

Our websites offer services in topics such as children’s ministry, youth ministry, news, Christian publications, family ministry, broken lives, testimonies, Freedom in Christ Courses, free online Bible college, Christian research centre and online television. These topics cover almost all the needs of a believer or seeker in a strictly closed county like Iran, Afghanistan or Tajikistan.

But in some countries like Iran, the government monitors internet activity and blocks sites if the content is something they don't approve of, based on their religious laws. Therefore, in Iran many of our websites are blocked or filtered, which means our team need to be constantly finding new ways to help users in these countries bypass the filtering system and access our websites without any problems.

An indicator of how effective our internet ministry is, are the number of attacks made on our websites by the Iranian regime to delete, deactivate and destroy our data and websites. Our team are constantly monitoring the websites and through their efforts and dedication to safeguard our websites, the attacks and their effectiveness are reduced to a minimum. The most recent case was with FCNN, our news website. After a recent attack on this site our team were able to bring back all sensitive data, and gave a new look to FCNN as it was re-launched. 

The needs for our internet ministry are many, and we really need the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ. First of all, we need your prayers. We need wisdom from God and his Holy Spirit in the challenges we face. To expand and reach more people we need to hire engineers for full and part-time positions, and we need to purchase software and hardware for our offices. Thank you for supporting us in this essential ministry.


Arash Emadi

Web Development Manager

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