Rebuilding my website

Rebuilding my website

I started off my personal website on Joomla but after a short time, I found out that the features and the scalability I want to have is only possible if I build my website, myself.


So I decided to go with a one-page style, using a php framework instead of a CMS. I worked on the website for about a week or two and launched it afterwards. After working with the new layout for about 5 months, I came to the conclusion that the features I want my website to have, need a multi-page layout template. So I had to do everything over again. 

I chose my template and I started coding. It took me 3 months to work on the new layout of my website and I'm so happy to be launching it to the public today. This new website is exactly what I had in mind. Lots of features, great look, lots of information and user-friendliness. 

I hope the visitors using the website will like it too.



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